When considering a commission, please note that every doll is hand painted and absolutely unique. You will have a special One-Of-A-Kind doll just for you. I do not replicate or duplicate dolls that I have already created. I also do not copy any other artist’s work, so please do not ask me to make a doll like another artist has previously made.

 All prices below reflect the artwork on the doll that you provide and ship to me. Please understand that I do not provide dolls or clothes; commission work applies only to the artwork on a doll you supply.

Commission spots can only be reserved by emailing first to check for openings. To hold a spot in my commission book, a 50% down payment is required, with the remaining half due upon completion. The 50% down payment is nonrefundable. After the doll is sent to me with the 50% deposit, your commission will be started. Please note, all sales are final, and no returns will be given.

I have broken it down into parts so you can choose what you would like to be done. (Note: There are no discounts or a break in the price if you do not want the body work.)

Repainting of 12” Fashion Dolls ; $435

(Includes-full facial painting, chest/breast enhancement, body blushing, manicure, pedicure)

Repainting of 16” Fashion Dolls ; $485

(Includes-full facial painting, chest/breast enhancement, body blushing, manicure, pedicure)


Repainting of 12” Portrait Dolls ; $535  
(Includes- full facial painting, Re-sculpting eyes w/ gloss finish, chest/breast enhancement, body blushing, manicure, pedicure )

Note: The basic price is for a doll head made for the specific celebrity. If the doll head is not made for the celebrity, there will be an extra charge depending on how suitable the head is for your project. Re-sculpting the eyes will require an additional $45 or more.

Repainting of 16” Portrait Dolls ; $815

(Includes- full facial painting, Re-sculpting eyes w/ gloss finish, chest/breast enhancement, body blushing, manicure, pedicure) 


Repainting of 1/6 Action Figure Heads ; $435 (Includes- full facial/head painting)

Repainting of 1/6 Action Figure Portrait Heads ; $515 (Includes- full facial/head painting, re-sculpting eyes w/ gloss finish)

Note: The basic price covers an action figure head made for the celebrity/character. If the head is not an exact match but is very similar to the character of the project, basic re-sculpting of the eyes may require an additional $45 or more (this often involves extra work with sculpting the eyelid area and shading).

Additionally, there will be an extra charge for additional sculpting work, depending on how suitable the figure head is for the project. Prices are subject to change based on the complexity of the artwork. If your project involves extra work, please ask me for a quote.


  • Hair cut & Styling : $50.00 +
  • Cut & Perm : $65 +
  • Full Custom Wig:  Saran hair – $130 +  /  Mohair – $200 +
  • Applying Eyelashes: $30
  • Small Tattoo :  $50 + (depending on complication of design)
  • Beard : $40 + 
  • Chest Hair : $55 + 
  • Body Hair(Arms & Legs) : $80 + 
  • Re-sculpting eyes with gloss finish : $100 +
  • Facial re-sculpting: Depending on the project 
  • Anatomically correct body: $275 + 

Shipping is $15.00 Domestic and International is $50.00


Please aware, if you are a NY Residents, you will be charged state sales tax(8.875%.). Square will automatically add 8.875% sales tax to your purchase during checkout.




In order to create the doll you envision, I will need specific details such as hair color and style, eye and makeup colors, and the theme with the expression you want your doll to have. Please supply photo references if you have them. I want to ensure that the doll I create matches your vision as closely as possible. However, I must retain artistic control. You are commissioning me to create a doll based on the examples of my work that you have seen here. Therefore, you must trust that any doll I create for you will have a similar style and quality.

If you provide a vague concept and want me to use my creative license, I will do so, but please keep in mind that your deposit is non-refundable.

Additionally, I do not take progress photos, as changes cannot be made to a repaint already in progress; it requires removing all previous work to make any modifications. I do not provide updates during the process, as my focus is on ensuring the best possible outcome without interruptions. However, I will give you an update when all the materials are received and ready to start. Once the work is complete, I will send you pictures of the finished piece for your review.



The time frame for completing a doll depends on the specific doll and my current workload. Generally, it takes about 5-6 weeks to complete one doll, though this can vary based on the number of other commissions I have at the time. This time frame is a general guideline, as I usually have multiple commissions.

All dolls are accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity.

Before I begin working on your doll, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. The full payment is due within 10 days of the completion of the doll, unless other arrangements were discussed and approved when I accepted the commission. Color photos of the finished doll will always be provided upon completion. Some suggestions and changes can be made to meet expectations (one minor revision only), but please remember that I must retain artistic control.


I accept all major credit cards and electronic checks through Square. When paying by Square, you must have a confirmed address; this is not optional.


I happily accept layaway. I require one-half of the balance once the doll has been completed, and the other half within 30 days. Layaway arrangements must be discussed and approved before I accept the commission. Please note that all payments made toward layaway are non-refundable.